We went to seek advice from the best bakers in Bari, to make our flatbread epic …


The Barese flatbread needs little introduction. As a substitute for lunch or dinner, tasty bite for adults or snack for children, it accompanies the life of Apulians both at work and on holiday. It is stuffed with black olives and tomatoes previously sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.

Squared Barese

The squared Barese has a more practical form in order to cut it in small pieces.

Aria di Forno

“Light” version of the traditional Barese flatbread, you can eat the Aria di Forno simple or stuffed with the unfailing mortadella. Cut into pieces, it is ideal for aperitifs, weddings or birthdays.


The Martinese flatbread is based on fresh spring onions simmered with a drizzle of olive oil. In ancient times it was a traditional dish of Lent, when families went to the countryside to crack the “Pignatta”, a container of clay with an oval edge full of dried fruit.

Valle d’Itria

The Valle d’Itria flatbread is stuffed with boiled ham and mozzarella. The classic of the classics.


The Egnazia flatbread is stuffed with mortadella and meat. It is very tasty and inviting, thanks to the presence of Parmigiano Reggiano. Decorated with pistachio.

Aria di Forno14(1)A
Valle d’Itria1403(1)(2)(5)D

Allergens: (1) Cereals containing gluten; (2) Milk and products thereof (including lactose); (3) Celery; (4) Nuts; (5) Eggs; (6) Soy (traces); (7) Sesame (traces)

Diet: (A) Vegan; (B) Lacto-vegetarian; (C) Lacto-ovo-vegetarian; (D) Cannot be referred to any dietary

Pcs per Carton: 5 (Barese and Aria di Forno); 4 (Martinese, Valle d’Itria and Egnazia)
Carton size (mm): 350*350*150

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